Are you a Chinese language learner?

Have you learned Chinese for more than one year in China?

What research experiment is this?

Hi, I am Xue Xia (Ph.D. candidate in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures at UHM). My doctoral dissertation is about an oral testing used to assess Chinese language learners’ interactional competence across different proficiency levels.

If you have learned Chinese in China for more than one year, please help me with my research project. Your participation will be very helpful for me to answer my research questions and have implications in Chinese language teaching.

What do participants do in the oral testing?

Participants will be paired according to the similar Chinese language proficiency. Each participant will be asked to do 3 individual tasks, and 3 paired tasks.

How long: From 30 to 50 minutes

Compensation: Participants will be compensated for their participation

My contact information

If you are interested in this research, please contact with me for scheduling and more detailed information. Thank you very much!