Digital Citizen Project

Peyton B. Period 6

Rule #1: Digital Ettiquete

Is what you posted True, Inspirational, Necessary, or Kind? Don't ever post something that could ruin someones day or even their life.

Rule #2: Information Privacy

NEVER give out any personal information to a website that isn't official. Your information is called private for a reason.

Rule #3: Social Networking

NEVER chat with someone or let someone see your pictures from your account. If you do this someone might take any little information that you give them and track you.

Rule #4: Computer Safety

Don't give out any information about yourself. Such as your name or age. Some adults and some kids go on the internet to trick others. So BE CAREFUL when on the internet.

Rule #5: Cyberbullying

If you ever get angry while on the computer take a break and come back once you have calmed down. Being angry on the computer may hurt someone else more than you think.

Rule #6: Plagiarism

Never use information that wasn't stated by you. If you do take a quote from a book or any website make sure to put quotation marks around it to avoid plagiarism.

Rule #7: Copyright

Copyright is very important. People put copyright on their work so that no one can take credit for their work. Never take credit for work that isn't yours to own.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is very important when on the computer or just hanging out on your phone. If no one on the internet had digital citizenship many might get banned from their favorite game or any social media website. You must have digital citizenship because an innocent person on their computer might get their feelings seriously hurt from one little message. Also owners of information or pictures might get angry if someone takes credit for their work. Always remember that when on the internet you must be polite and appreciative for what you have. Don't send a message if you know that it could ruin someones day or life. We all need to work together to make the internet a safe and fun place for everyone.
Super Digital Citizen