Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * May 4, 2015


This week, we’ll find out how one act of kindness leads to another in the folktale, Half-Chicken. We will also learn about acts of kindness in the traditional tale, The Lion and the Mouse. These selections will be a springboard for discussing the question, “How can one event in a story be the cause of another?”

Target Vocabulary: tumbling, flung, tangled, empty, peacefully, stream, blazed, swift

Phonics Skills: Prefixes re-, un-, over-, pre-, mis-, and silent consonants

Vocabulary Strategy: Antonyms

Comprehension Skill: Cause and effect – tell how one event makes another happen

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize – picture what is happening as you read

Kate DiCamillo has quickly become one of 2R's favorite authors. After finishing The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, the students were eager to read another one of her stories. Beginning Tuesday, we will dive into her book The Tale of Despereaux. Everyone is excited!

During Writer's Workshop this week, the students will finish up researching information about their insect. Through modeling and practice, the students will learn how to use their information to draft a paragraph for each section of their report. Throughout the process, they will be reminded of their purpose to help them monitor the content of their report.


Lesson 10-3: (Two day lesson)

  • Counting by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s and 25’s
  • Reading and writing money amounts in dollars-and-cents notation
  • Calculating the value of coin and bill combinations
  • Finding equivalent names for money amounts

Lesson 10-4: Using a Calculator to Solve Problems with Money

  • Writing money amounts using dollars-and-cents notation
  • Comparing money amounts
  • Making and solving difference and comparison problems

Lesson 10-5: Estimating and Finding Exact Costs

  • Calculating exact money amounts and share solution strategies
  • Solving money number stories using a calculator
  • Estimating money amounts

Science & Social Studies

The students will wrap up the Rocks and Minerals science unit by identifying the remainder of the rocks. This lesson has introduced the students to the process of elimination and has given them opportunities to discuss their observations.

We are beginning Unit 4, Past and Present. The students will begin by listening to the story Growing Seasons and learn about a family that lived 100 years ago. They will then look at various pictures of trees and describe what time of year they are from. As a class, we will identify early uses of calendars and clocks as ways to measure time. We will try to order events by using the terms "ancient times" and "modern times." Finally, using a time line, we will trace the history of space exploration.


May 4th - Celebration of the Arts 6:30-7:30
May 5th -
PTA Flower Sale Pick Up
7th - PTA sponsored trip to the Arden Theater

- Lunch will be at 12:30

- Spring Flower Sale pick up 11:30-3:30

May 7th - PTA Father - Daughter Dance

May 8th - Student Council Phillies Spirit Day

May 10th - Happy Mother’s Day to all of the special Mom’s from 2R!

May 12th - Walking Trip to Edison School

May 15th - W.E.B. Project Poetry Performances & Half Day