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Country of Origin

Although many people think that tea originated from Europe in countries like England; it actually originated from Southwest China.

History of Tea

In about 2700 B.C, the use of tea was discovered in China by the Emperor named Shen Nong. Then in about 800 A.D tea started being shipped to Japan. Very long after in 1610 Dutch traders shipped tea to Europe, and Portuguese traders did the same. In 1650 Dutch traders started to export tea with Americans original colonies, but the Boston Tea Party that occurred after taxes being placed didn't occur till 1773.Moving on, tea has evolved. Within the year 1904, iced tea and tea bags were invented. So instant tea that we usually drink was developed in the United States and first marketed in 1948.
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Tea is a beverage of many uses that relating to comfort and health. For example when someone is cold drinking tea provides comfort because it is usually hot. Tea can also be useful for health because scientists have found that tea contains a substance that in some cases can prevent cell damage, heart diseases, and certain types of cancer.
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How to Make It:

The beverage tea is made from a leaf that has been processed into what we call a tea bag. In order to make tea:

First, the tea bag is placed in a mug or teacup.

Then, you add hot water to the mug or cup and mix it with a tea spoon.

After, you have mixed it to the point that the water has turned light brown, you then add milk to either cool the drink down or make the drink thicker, but adding milk is optional.

After that, you take the teabag out.

Then you add a reasonable amount of sugar.You can add the sugar before you take out the tea bag too.

Mix the drink again.


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Extra Information

Thomas Sullivan created teabags in the year 1904.

Richard Blechynden created iced tea in the year 1904.

All types of tea come from the same plant. The plant is usually just called a tea plant. The real name is Camellia sinensis.

Green tea and oolong tea come from China, Japan, and Taiwan.


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The Only Question Left Is..................

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Tea or Coffee?