Behind the Brands Campaign Launch!

It's Finally Here!

March 8th Tips and Tricks

Congratulations! After months of hard work and planning it is your time to shine. Your actions on International Women's Day will leave Mars, Mondelez and Nestle no choice but to change the way they treat women farmers. Here are some last minute reminders for success.


Here's what we are aiming for for every city:

  • 100 petition signups
  • 250 "exposed" - received handouts or had meaningful conversations
  • 1 great photo of action clearly in your city (landmark or sign)
  • 100 social media "hits" on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger

What's Inside and What's Coming

Package 1: Wrapped candy bars, Behind the Brands Leave Behinds, Petitions
Package 2: Messaging signs, Candy bar wrapper big sign

Package 3: Women & Cocoa Fact Sheets

*You should print a sign with your city name on it for photos

Delegate Tasks

In advance of 3/8, there are two jobs to be filled:
  • Location manager: acquire any permits, finalize meeting location and time, develop rain/snow plan B location
  • Publicity and Recruitment: Post announcements on email, facebook, twitter and blogs

On the day of it will help to have:

  • Contact person: receive phone calls and emails from Oxfam staff and volunteers
  • Social media: post pictures and updates live to twitter and Facebook, send 2-4 photos to
  • Question Expert: well-versed on materials to field questions from public and volunteers
  • Materials Manager: handles signs, candy bars, handouts and business cards; keeps track of quantities before and after