Food Facts

All you need to know about food and contamination

How far your food travels has serious consequences to the planet

•Here in the UK the road transport is the only source of producing greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) which is a big threat for the atmosphere causing the effect of the global warming.

•The food freight is responsible for 33% of the increase in all the types of goods transportation.

Let's Compare two vegetables (quality and miles of transportation)

•The first vegetable was bought in a farmer's market: Organic Carrots

-They come in a simple paper bag and travelled just 6 miles from the farm where they were picked just yesterday.

-They have been cleaned and they have never been sprayed with any chemicals (some of the chemicals used in the vegetables can be harmful to the human body).

•The second one was bought in the Supermarket: A packet of Beans

-They've been packed in a plastic bag and travelled 4333 miles from Kenya (country in the east of africa).

-The beans were sprayed with chemicals to stop them going brown on the journey.

you need to know which food is more natural

Preferring farm food in a farmer's market instead of the usual food in the supermarket is Healthier !And you're not paying extra for greenhouse gas!

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