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News for the week of October 26, 2015

1st Quarter reading logs are due!

ALL 1st Quarter reading logs MUST be turned in to Ms. Knight by this Wednesday, October 28th. We’ll have prizes for those who read the most in each grade level, and every participant will receive recognition!

Make sure all pages are totaled before you turn in your reading log!

2nd Quarter reading logs will go home this week.

This Saturday is Halloween ComicFest!

Do you want to get FREE comic books this Halloween? If so, head to your local comic book shop on Saturday and pick up a few!

These local shops are participating in Halloween ComicFest:

  • Richard's Comics & Collectables - 1214 Laurens Road, Greenville
  • Borderlands - 1434 Laurens Road, Greenville
  • 2nd & Charles - 2465 Laurens Road, Greenville
  • Planet Comics - 2704 N. Main Street, Anderson
  • Books-A--Million - 3131 N. Main Street, Anderson

Richard's Comics & Collectables is having a huge event on Saturday, 11am-5pm. There will be a Halloween party, free comics and candy, a costume contest, comic signings, and more!

For more information about Halloween ComicFest, click here.

Star Wars Villains Party at Fiction Addiction!

If you are a Star Wars fan, come to Fiction Addiction's Star Wars Villains Party on Saturday, October 31st, from noon-2pm.

Dress up as a Star Wars villain (or costume your little one) and receive 10% off your entire purchase. At 2pm, they’ll give a prize for the best costume, so be creative!

There will also be a Star Wars story time and other activities, and Star Wars-themed refreshments will be served.

For more information, go to Fiction Addiction's website. Fiction Addiction is an independent bookstore located behind the Haywood Mall.

FSS Library Blog

Fork Shoals School Library Blog

Book of the Week: Rules for Ghosting

Silverton Manor is the only home Dahlia has ever known. Her family has lived there for generations, and she’s been there for quite some time. Dahlia died at Silverton Manor over fifty years ago…and she never left. Now, she’s the resident ghost of her family home, but her “life” is a rather lonely one. She can’t get past the boundary of the manor grounds, and there’s no one at Silverton Manor–living or dead–to talk to…yet.

All of a sudden, things are changing at Silverton Manor, and Dahlia is lonely no more…

Mrs. Tibbs arrives on the scene to liberate Dahlia. She’s here to help Dahlia find the object, or anchor, that holds her to Silverton Manor, as well as teach the young girl all of the rules for ghosting. Mrs. Tibbs is rather impressed with all that Dahlia has learned on her own, but there’s still much work to do. If only they weren’t also trying to keep an eye on the house’s newest residents…

Oliver Day wants a permanent home. He’s tired of traveling from town to town with his family, and he’s decided that Silverton Manor, the house his parents have been hired to get sale-ready, is destined to be his house. But strange things are going on in this old house, and Oliver doesn’t know what to make of them. Surely there’s a reasonable explanation here. This house couldn’t be haunted. Could it?

According to Ghosterminator Rank T. Wiley, Silverton Manor is indeed haunted, and he’s just the guy to rid the house of its pesky ghost problem. This nefarious ghost hunter will stop at nothing to nab an unsuspecting ghost and make a name for himself. And no meddling kid is going to interfere with his grand plans…

As soon as Oliver learns of Rank T. Wiley’s true reason for being at the house, he becomes determined to stop this horrible man from succeeding in his quest…especially when Oliver realizes that the ghost of Silverton Manor is a friendly girl. Oliver and Dahlia stumble upon a way to communicate, and they work together to rid the house of its true pest while trying to uncover all of the secrets hidden within the mysterious Silverton Manor.

Can Oliver and Dahlia stop Rank T. Wiley before something truly horrible happens? Can Dahlia ever find her anchor and be free of the boundary that holds her to Silverton Manor? And can Oliver figure out a way to stay in the house that has come to mean so much to him? Answer these questions and many more when you read Rules for Ghosting by A.J. Paquette, a nominee for this year's South Carolina Children's Book Award.

Knight Reader Junior

Explore books for the elementary school crowd!

Read Your Way to the Big Game!

All contest entry cards for the "Read Your Way to the Big Game" contest are due to your child's teacher no later than Monday, November 9th,

All students who meet the six-book challenge qualify for the grand prize--a trip to the Palmetto Bowl (otherwise known as the Carolina/Clemson game)!

If you need copies of the reading log, student entry card, or bookmark, please click here.

Are you reading the SC Book Award nominees?

Every year, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians nominates twenty books for four different Book Award levels: Picture, Children's, Junior, and Young Adult. Fork Shoals participates in both the Picture and Children's Book Award programs. Students who read at least five books from each level are eligible to vote for their favorite in February!

Click here for a handy checkoff sheet to keep track of your Book Award reading, and check out the videos below for a quick glimpse at this year's nominees!

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Fork Shoals School Library

Ms. Kelly L. Knight, Librarian

Mrs. Allison Meredith, Library Clerk

Dates to Remember:

  • October 26-30 - Red Ribbon Week
  • October 28 - 1st quarter reading logs due; Bellacino's Night
  • October 29 - Report cards
  • October 30 - Science Day; Spirit Day
  • October 31 - Halloween ComicFest; Star Wars Villains Party @ Fiction Addiction
  • November 1 - Daylight savings ends
  • November 3-5 - CogAT testing (2nd grade only)
  • November 5 - Moe's Night
  • November 6 - Spirit Day

Box Tops and Labels for Education

Turn in your Labels for Education and Box Tops by this Tuesday, October 27. Classes with the most of each will be recognized. Visit our school website for details.

Student Ambassadors Food Drive

The Student Ambassadors are sponsoring a canned and non-perishable food drive. Items that are donated will go back into the Fork Shoals community. Please leave your items in the boxes in the bell tower. We are also collecting plastic grocery bags.

Red Ribbon Week

This week we celebrate Red Ribbon Week with themed days. A flyer went home last week about the days and can be found on our website.

Square 1 Art

Students will be receiving Square 1 Art packets in Art class this week. Each child will receive a free set of stickers of their art and can order items with their artwork on them! This makes great gifts and supports our art program. Orders can be placed online at or with the paper order form sent home. Please make checks payable to Square 1 Art. Thank you for supporting our artists! Orders are due by November 13th.