The integumentary system

By: Trevor Baughman 8th period

Five functions of the integumentary system

1. protect the body's internal organs. It protects it from something that you might pass by it doesn't get into your body.

2. to protect it from infectious organisms. Otherwise disease could get right to your vital organs fast and that wouldn't be very good.

3. To protect the body from abrupt changes in temperature. Like if it gets to hot it protcts the body.

4. to excrete waist materials from your pours. It does this as a way of keeping homeostasis.

5. to make vitamin D so the body can clean the blood. Otherwise the blood could be flowing with dead blood cells.

The layers of the skin

The layers of the skin are the epidermis and the dermis. The outside layer of the skin is the epidermis and the inside layer is the dermis.

How the Ingumtary system interacts with the circulatory system

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The veins of the circulatory system goes through the integumentary system.

Ailments and treatment to the integumentary system

Some Alments to the ingumtary system would be sunburns. That is when your skin is exposed to much sun light then the skin turns red and your skin cells die and flake off and hurts so much. There really is no medical cure but to put lotion or allow on it to ease the pain. You usaly can Handel it with out a doctor.

Another Alments of the ingumtary system is an in grown toe nail that is when a part of the nail grows into the skin. It can be caused by not trimming your nails properly. You can cure an ingrown toe nail by cutting your nail square, hot water soaks, and surgical treatment. Your normal doctor usualy handles it in the office.

One more alment of the ingumtary system is a wart a wart is a rough bump caused by a viral infection, witch blocks blood vessels. They are easy to cure you just need a dermatologist to either to freeze it, lazer it, or liquid irrigation.