Cell phones in School....

David Aragon

Cellphones aren't that bad

Dear Sara Reihani,

I read your editorial “Why I Hate Cell Phones” and I disagree with the statements you made. Being reachable at all times isn't a bad thing, it’s actually a good thing. What if your family member just got hurt and needs someone to come help them well if your reachable at all times then you could go help them and if necessary take them to a place where they can get help.

I also disagree with your statement about being interrupted everywhere you go because in the movie theaters they tell you to turn your cellphones off so you won’t disrupt the movie with the notifications from your phone. In the library it isn't a bad thing to have your phone on just silence your ringer and if you do get a call in the library you can walk outside to take the call if it is important or you can ignore it.

Cell Phones are good in case of an emergency or in case you need quick contact to a person. Not all things about a cellphone are as bad as you say. Being constantly reachable is actually a good thing, being able to access information when you need it is also a good thing, and being able to not interrupt what you’re doing to make a phone call is also a very good thing. Cell Phones are a good thing whether you use it for it’s intended purpose or not it’s still a good thing that this fast paced generation needs.

-David Aragon

Cell Phones Should be in School

Dear Enterprise editorial staff,

I agree with the statement you have made in your editorial which was that cell phones shouldn't be banned in schools. You are exactly right, cell phones shouldn't be banned they should only be restricted for use in school not banned from existence. One reason that they shouldn't be banned is because some children use their phones to call their parents on the bus to come pick them up from the bus stop. If possession of cell phones is banned then they wouldn't be able to contact them. They also wouldn't be able to call someone in case an emergency happened at the school such as a fire or a break in. They also wouldn't be able to contact them if an emergency happened on the way home.

Cell phones also shouldn't be banned from schools because some students use them for research purposes. Certain students who can’t get to a computer when they need to use their cellphones to look up information. They may look up information to help them with homework that they don’t quite understand. Which would be helpful when a teacher can’t help them at that certain time. They may also use their cell phones for research during an in class project. Cell phones are good for students in school, it not only helps them but enhances their access to information which is why they shouldn't be banned in schools.

-David Aragon

Cell Phones the Perfect Recipe for Greatness

Every school should allow cell phones. The are not only a distraction because of all the text messaging and social media things you can do on them but they are also an alternate way to bully people. Which is great who wouldn't want to be distracted from paying attention in class by constant text messages that make you laugh out loud, and when the test comes you fail, that’s the best feeling ever. Let’s not forget the test at the end of the year that you also get to fail. So it’s summer school for you which is oh so much fun, I mean I’ rather spend my summer with teachers than friends any day. Also being bullied is super fun, who doesn't want to get made fun of because of the way they walk, dress, or talk. That’s the best, I’m sure everyone loves to get unanimous pictures taken of them in the hallway or while they are in class and have them blasted all over social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Myspace, and what fun it is when people make rude comments about how you look. That’s a big confidence booster. It makes you feel like you are doing the best you can and you are still not accepted, isn't that great??

Cell Phones: Bad for School

Cell phones aren't a good asset for education so they shouldn't be allowed in schools. They are not only a distraction from all the text messages from friends but they also cause bad writing habits. They get students used to writing acronyms such as “Lol”,“Brb”, or “Ttyl”. Why send kids to school to learn to write the proper way if they are just allowed to have cell phones to distract them with text messages in class and have them writing acronyms on an essay?

Cell phones are also a bad influence for students while in school. If they have cell phones in school they might be encouraged to cheat. Ways they can cheat are on a test to get answers from their friends that have previously taken the test. Or they can look up the answers on the internet using Google, Bing, or other search engines. That mean they won’t learn anything so when the EOC or the state exam comes at the end they will fail because they didn't retain any of the information by cheating.

According to http://www.schoolsecurity.org/trends/cell_phones.html cell phones make school a place of rumors and fear. Cell phones tend to decrease the students attendance rate because of fears of rumored violence spread from student to student by cell phones. Which is a part of bullying and bullying isn't’t accepted in schools so why should phones be? Phones lead to bad things such as rumors, violence, bullying, and in some cases death.

Phones are also bad for your health. They cause damage to the brain from electromagnetic waves.

According to http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2013/08/181_104385.html they not only damage your brain but your capability to learn by damaging your sight and hearing. The brightly lit screen and damages your sight by messing with your optic nerves and the electric sounds cause damage to your acoustic nerves which affects your learning. If teens spend all day on their cell phones sooner or later they won’t be able to hear or see, which is a good reason why cell phones shouldn't be used in school. While they are learning they don’t need to damage their eyes by staring straight into a brightly lit screen to message their friends about passing periods, they need to be paying attention to the teacher and the lesson being taught at the front of the class.

Cell phones are all around bad for school, they not only take away the attention of students by constant messages and updates but they also affect the health of a student. Instead of giving them another opportunity to get on their cell phone and ruin their health schools should ban the use and or the existence of cell phones in school. They only distract students for what they came to school for and impose bad health and habits for students. Instead of coming to school to learn students are now coming to school to show off their new cell phone or to meet up with a friend, students are no longer interested in learning. This problem could be solved if cell phones were banned from school grounds. Students would want to pay attention because instead of worrying about who they would see during passing period they would be wanting to pass their classes so they can get good grades and graduate.

Cell phones: A Valuable Asset to School

Cell phones shouldn’t be banned from schools they help students with research and study. They are good for quick access to needed information for homework, studying, and projects. According to http://www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3751073 teachers and administrators shouldn’t think of cellphones as a distraction but as a new technology tool. Something that will help students explore the vast opportunities and ways to find information using the web instead of reading a textbook all day. Students retain more when they do things hands on and what better way to do it then on your cellular device?

Students could use cell phones for many different purposes such as research or taking notes. According to http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/personal/2013/08/07/views-shift-on-cell-phones-in-schools/2607381/ schools are starting to use cell phones as a learning tool instead of banning them. They are using them in language classes in Chicago to call each other and speak the language of that class. Other ways people are using them productively is by incorporating them into their curriculum, using them as clickers during a survey or test, take pictures of the notes, document labs, and also to collaborate on school projects.

Cell phones also make learning fun for students. It makes them want to learn instead of making it a hassle. It keeps students engaged and focused in the lesson and what they learning because students like their cell phones and anything that has to do with their cell phones so why not make learning fun for students by incorporating their cell phones in a lesson or two. Teachers might be surprised how many more students start to pay attention and even participate in the lesson if they start to incorporate cell phones into the lesson.

Cell phones are good for school, they enhance students learning by getting them engaged in the content and making it fun so that they will retain the information taught to them. It also helps students build a relationship with the teacher by looking forward to that class and coming in with a positive ready to learn attitude, and when students are ready to learn that’s when they retain the information the most because they have a positive outlook on everything that is said to them.

Cell phones aren’t bad for school so schools should not ban them. They don’t distract students they open learning opportunities for them. They give students new ways to learn and explore the subjects. Whether it be looking up the information, taking notes, looking at videos over the information, or even just taking pictures of the notes it’s all just a big learning experience. So instead of looking a cell phones as a distraction or disruption look at them as a new way to get students to learn and be engaged in the activity and the lesson.

Ban them!

Don’t just restrict their use ban them! Cell phones are bad for students, they cause physical and mental damage that can affect a student’s school work and learning experience. Students don’t need more stress on top of school work. The shouldn't have to deal with all the extra drama cell phones bring to them while in school.

Some of the physical damage cell phones cause are things such as vision damage, hearing impairments, and even skin cancer. According to http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/05/31/who.cell.phones/ the radiation coming from cell phones can cause damage to the skin making it sensitive to UV rays which can cause cancer. In this article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/15/phones-sleep-mobile-_n_2680805.html it states that people use their phones as alarms but when they go to set them the get distracted and stay up most of the night on them which is not good. This can affect a student's alertness and tendency to pay attention without drowsiness getting in the way.

Cell phones cause mental damage by cyber bullying via text messages or social media websites. People post rude comments about people all the time but what they don’t know is that the comment they just posted is going to affect that student the next day during school and maybe even months later. Another way that it may cause mental damage is by damaging your brain, with all the radiation going to your head your brain gets affected. It sometimes has trouble processing words because you don’t fully type them out fully when you text your friends which may cause you to write a paper in that fashion.

Cell phones should be banned from schools not just restricted from use in or during class. They are nothing but trouble for students and their learning capability. Not only affecting them physically by causing them to lose sight and hearing but affecting them mentally by making them lose brain cells and by making their brain adapt to acronyms and shortened sentences or words. Cell phones are nothing but trouble to students so schools should ban them.

-David Aragon

Just Use Them Differently

Why ban cell phones? They are a great opportunity to learn in new ways, they provide internet access so that students can be successful with their school work. They also pose a new solution to getting students to pay attention in class. Instead of texting their friends they would be too busy engaging in the lesson to reply. If cell phones were used in school students would learn to love class, they would be excited to learn because they would get to use their phone and what student doesn't want that?

Another reason cell phones shouldn't be banned or restricted from use in school is because they help students find information about certain topic fast which they could also take notes on with their phone and use those notes to study with later. According to http://www.newsday.com/opinion/columnists/anne-michaud/michaud-instead-of-banning-cellphones-schools-should-teach-responsible-use-1.4681034 teachers shouldn't ban the use of cellphones but teach students how to use them responsibly. She makes a very good point that cellphones are new learning tool not just a way to communicate with family and friends.

Cell phones are like mini computers and have the same functions as them. You can take notes, take pictures, look up information, and surf the web on both computers and phones and if teachers can have computers why can’t we have phones? They both have the same functions it just depends on how we use them because computers can be counterproductive as well. But just like cell phone if you use them for school work and study purposes then they become productive not only for the student but for the teachers as well.

They shouldn't be banned or restricted just used the correct way. Instead of using them against us use them with us, put work online for us to do and not just paper work that we could potentially lose. Once we all start using cell phones to our educational advantage then we can all be engaged in the lesson and learn together.

-David Aragon