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Fall 2013

What is Act 31?

"Through efforts of community members, an ad hoc commission on racism, the American Indian Language and Culture Board, and then Governor Tommy Thompson, the Wisconsin state legislature introduced statutes mandating education about Wisconsin American Indians in its 1989-1991 biennial budget as a way of combating persisting racism and ignorance. The statutes, commonly called “Act 31,” are designed to help Wisconsin’s citizens understand American Indian history, culture, and sovereignty, and thus engage in our multicultural society in an educated and informed way. The name is a reference to the budget bill, which was numbered Act 31 that year. The statutory language carries requirements for the state superintendent, school boards, in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, and certification programs."

Taken from American Indian Curriculum Services website http://aics.education.wisc.edu/Default.aspx

Act 31 Resources

Monday, Nov. 4th, 6:30-7:30pm

MERIT Library, Room 358

Learn and explore multimedia resources to assist you and your students in understanding American Indian history, culture, and sovereignty. There will be computers to use in the classroom, but you're welcome to bring your own device!