Anna Pavlova

A Famous Russian Ballerina

Personal Life By M.L

Anna Pavlova was born in 1881 and died in1931. Anna Pavlova's father died when Anna was a todler. Anna also lived in a poor family so Anna's mother sent Anna to live with her Gramdmother, so her mother could work.

The Story Of Anna Pavlova Becoming Famous ...

Well Anna's mum took Anna to a theater to see the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Once Anna saw the ballerina's dance she really wanted to be a ballet dancer. So when Anna's mother had enough money she sent Anna to a famous ballet school. Once all the teachers saw her dance they thought she was excellent. Then she got to perform in lots of dance concerts. Once she was an adult she performed at the most best dance concerts everywhere. They also named a dessert named after her. The reason why the dessert was named after Anna is because she did a world tour and stopped in New Zealand.When they were make the dessert at the time.
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