Golden Age of Greece

One of the greatest civilizations of all time

What Was It?

During the Golden Age, Greece became one of the most powerful civilizations of it's time. Greece was separated into city states. These city states were separated by mountains and bodies of water. The two main city states were Athens and Sparta.


-Ancient Greece made many influential contributions to western civilization even while fighting to wars.

-Theater is another area of achievement. Greeks wrote a lot of plays. There were two different types, Comedies and tragedies.

-The most important was math and science. They formulated the idea that the Sun was 300 times bigger than the Earth. They also found the value of PI.

Famous Greeks

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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Architecture

Ancient Greece has many famous structures, such as the Parthenon. Many Greek structures have a lot of influence on western civilization. In american buildings such as the Lincoln memorial.