Colt Chronicle

January 19th-30th, 2015


Some dates to have on your calendar and/or be aware of in the next two weeks:

19th: Student/Teacher MLK Day Holiday

20th: 4th and 5th Grade Spelling Bee!

20th: Tutoring Resumes

21st: Stacy K to Principal's Meeting in the AM

21st: Sunshine and Wellness Committee Meetings after school

22nd: BJ Chambers, Watch DOG Dad

22nd: Cafeteria Cops here

23rd: Stacy K off campus (tentative at this point in time)

27th: Joshua Barrow, Watch DOG Dad

28th: Stacy K, Melody and Mahdavi to STAAR security training

28th: Grade level and Department Meetings after school

27th: Citizen of the Month names due to Michael (as a team, please)

29th: Stacy K to Meeting in the AM

30th: Citizen of the Month at 2:25 PM

Principal's Thoughts

Just another reminder that our January lockdown drill will be completed in the next two weeks. Please be sure you have practiced and discussed this with the kids; we've had a lot of new enrollment and and I want to ensure that they are ready for what happens at our school during this drill. A firedrill will follow with the drill, so that will be your signal that the lockdown is over. This is pending the weather! If the weather is bad, we will do these separately to ensure that we get them both in before January 31st.

We have a replacement for Cindy Banks who will start on January 26th. Her name is Terry Kardos and I hope you all will give her a warm McCall Welcome on her first day with us. Debbie may be back at the end of the month, but at this time, I am just not certain of a firm return to work date. She's in great spirits and ready to rejoin us.

We have spent an inordinate amount of time making instructional decisions for kids in the last several weeks. Please make sure that you communicate with parents if a child is making changes in teachers for a subject or two this semester. They may not have viewed the portal and seen MAP scores, so they may be unaware of their child's current progress. We want parents to be our partners and they are left out of that partnership when we fail to communicate what is happening with their child. Be proactive so that they know you are on their side!

I have included a LOT of links for you to view for your professional development in this edition. The links are surrounding two themes: digital citizenship, questioning strategies and assessment. Digital citizenship is not something we have discussed a lot as an instructional team, so in coming weeks in the Chronicle, we will explore that topic. I know many of you have a goal about technology usage in the second semester, so digital citizenship is an important first step in embarking on that goal that you need to include in your lessons.

I hope you all have a restful three day weekend!


Digital Citizenship--please review before the next smore!

Information on Infuse Learning--the tool I used for goal gathering!

Have You Heard of STEM but just aren't sure exactly what it is?

The UBD Guru on Assessment--An Article by Grant Wiggins

Loud and Clear: Our Legacy

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 6:30pm

1717 17th Street

Plano, TX