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January 26, 2015

Where is Alyson this week?

My Schedule for this week is below. If you'd like to chat about ideas for your classroom, please let me know. We can schedule a phone chat for dates/times other than your school's scheduled day. :)

  • Monday- Central Office
  • Tuesday- AES (a.m.) / CES (p.m.)
  • Wednesday- Central Office / Training
  • Thursday- Open for Appointments
  • Friday- JNES (a.m.) / BES (p.m.)

Tech Integration Ideas

Would any of the ideas or tools in the video below benefit you or your students? Let me know how I can support technology integration in your classroom. Contact info can be found at the bottom of this newsletter. :o)

#acsPOWERUP: Tech Tools

Tech Management Tip: iPad Learning Stations

Guided Access for iPad

Have you ever wanted to be sure students were using a specific app in a learning station while you were occupied teaching a small group?

iPad's built-in Guided Access feature allows teachers to be sure students are using the app they've selected for a learning station. It locks the iPad into the app selected and will not allow movement to other apps or the internet without a teacher passcode. It also allows teachers to disable undesirable app features and set time limits for usage. Even better-- it takes only seconds for teachers to set-up.

Though no feature is a replacement for teacher monitoring, Guided Access is a great feature for times when you are focused on small group lessons and need an extra layer of protection for your students.

This Video Shows the Steps for Setting Up & Disabling Guided Access:

Guided Access and Managing the iPads in the Classroom


SymbalooEDU is simple bookmarking page that allows you to store and share all of your favorite bookmarks and resources in an easy to use and attractive way. These collections are called webmixes. Symbaloo can also serve as a space for collecting and sharing student work. Everything is saved in the cloud, so your resources will be available to you on any internet-connected device, from anywhere in the world!

Here are just a few ways Symbaloo can enhance teaching and learning:

  1. Teachers can share webmixes that automatically update for parents and students.
  2. Teachers can create customized webmixes with resources for units of study.
  3. Teachers can use the thousands of webmixes already available on Symbaloo.
  4. Students can create webmixes for their favorite learning sites.
  5. Students can organize resources gathered for a project.
  6. Students can collect and share their best work with others in a Symbaloo webmix. Any document saved in Google drive can be shared via link on Symbaloo! This is a great way to make student work public and viewable by authentic audiences.

Click HERE to view and try out the sample ACS Elementary Symbaloo below!

Big image

A Few Resources To Help You Get Started:

Symbaloo User Guide & Intro Video:
Symbaloo EDU screencast

Athens City Elementary Tech Integration


Technology integration can be seen in action across all Athens City Schools. Below are a few things that were happening in our district just last week!

Brookhill Recording Studio

Third grade students at BES have found a way to share book reviews with their schoolmates. This week, they created a recording booth, wrote their reviews, and began videotaping. Next week, they will add finishing touches to their videos in iMovie and share via QR codes on a bulletin board outside their classroom.

Technology Caught in Action in ACS Elementary Schools

ACS Tech This Week

Social Media- Learning & Sharing in Athens City!

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