Francis Wayland Parker

By: Brittany Valverde

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School Of Philosophy


Education Background

Humboldt University of Berlin

Book Authored

Talks on Pedagogics: An Outline of the Theory of Concentration

How to Study Geography

Notes of Talks on Teaching

Talk on Pedagogics

Quotes from Philosopher

"Work is the greatest means of education. To train children to work,to work systematically, to love work, and to put their brains into work, may be called the end and aim of schools. In education, no work should be done for sake of the thing done, but for the sake of the growing mind."

"The end and aim of all education is the development."

By Whom was the philosopher influenced

Jean-Jacques Rosseau, Friedrich Frodel, Johann Heinrich Pesalozzi and Johann Friedrich Herbart.

In what ways dose this philosopher reflect your personal views on education?

He showed that education is just not about cramming information into students minds, but about teaching them to think for themselves and become independent people.