Student Poetry from Period 3

Inspired by The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Official Trailer #3 [FULL HD]


Katniss Everdeen

Silence is green

It tastes like mint leaves on your tongue

It smells like the green land all around you

And feels like the string of a bow ready to fire

It sounds like the slow wind rustling the bushes

And looks like a deer glowing in the sunlight

Silence is the quiet dinner of deer and bread

by Kyle Z.

Wasp Venom

Pain is red
The taste of salty tears running down my face
The foul smell as green liquid oozes out
The feel of death
The sound of birds falling silent
The sight of trees spinning in circles around me
Not blacking out is the key to winning the games

by Alanna A.


it's hard to be grateful
when the guilt makes you hateful
it's hard to be sure

that Katniss will be walking through
the front door

and if she does

we will not be poor anymore

to do that she’s going to have to at least
have hope to win this war
it's extremely unfair
but President Snow doesn’t care

by Daniel P.


Bitterness is grey.
It tastes like burnt bread
And smells of a burning forest.
It feels of painful oozing bumps
And sounds like the ringing boom of a cannon.
It looks like a girl with a cold exterior.
Bitterness is long lasting like a deep hole

by Eric M.

The Avox

Anger is a searing hot red

It tastes like insipid revenge

It reeks of a traitor and a rebel

It feels like the ghost of a missing tongue

It sounds like the warning calls of the birds

It looks like a metallic hovercraft coming closer

Anger is the act that leads to forgiveness

by Madiha and Irma

Peeta's Defeat

Defeat is dark brown

tastes like a un-cooked rabbit

reeks of hard work

feels like the blade through your grasp

sounds like a boy in despair

looks like you're face down, crying

Defeat is a heaven without God

by Andrew R.


Sadness is blue

Tastes like sour pudding on a bad day

Smells like tributes dying

Feels like burns all over your body

Sounds like screams from far away

Looks like dead corpses getting dragged up in the air

Sadness is no way to play

by Ryan R.