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Doctor Who (2005) Season 7 Episode 10 Free Putlocker,Doctor Who (2005) Season 7 Episode 10 Free Online full TV Writer Mark Gatiss smartly used the Cold War setting to reintroduce a classic "Who" villain yet to be seen in the show's 21st Century format: Martian military race the Ice Warriors. In that way, the episode recalled the series' reintroduction of the Daleks in 2005's "Dalek" when Rose Tyler first met one of the Doctor's greatest enemies, who turned out to be somewhat less of a ruthless killing machine than history would suggest. So too did this Ice Warrior, Grand Marshal Skaldak, who at times was as lethal as the title creature of "Alien" but ultimately proved to have a softer side and was perfectly content to be whisked away by a "Close Encounters"-esque rescue ship without destroying humanity.

What are the odds that, just like the Daleks, the next time we see the Ice Warriors they won't be so easy to reason with? If last week's "Doctor Who" was all about Clara discovering the wonders of space and time travel (with a few demonstrations of bravery thrown in), "Cold War" was a reminder that traveling with the Doctor can also be dangerous -- even deadly. Of course, that was a lesson the Victorian era Clara found out far too soon. And even though Oswin never technically traveled with the Doctor, she certainly knew the dangers of alien creatures. Now 21st Century Clara does too, but quickly proved capable of overcoming her fears. Going face to face with an Ice Warrior -- only to discover it abandoned its armor and is running loose -- is scary business, but the thrill of saving the world validates the risk.