Alphonse "Scarface" Capone

by Christopher Tullier


Al Capone is probably one of the most notorious gangsters in American history. His mob activity happened mostly in Chicago and New York.

Capone vs. Prohibition

One of the main reasons for the mob came to power was the selling of alcohol during Prohibition. Capone made $60 million a year on the selling of liquor alone.


How many people did Al Capone kill? Well, it is rumored he killed a few people himself, but ordered the murders of dozens of other people. Most of the people killed by Capone were other gangsters. There is no known count of how many Capone killed, nor was a price placed on his arrest.


Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

The picture to the right is a reenactment of the massacre for the jury. Many people consider Al Capone responsible for this terrible killing, though there is no evidence to pin it on him.

Fun Facts

  • Capone Worked in a bowling alley and bookkeeper
  • Capone's gang made as much as $100 million yearly
  • His first criminal conviction was carrying a concealed weapon
  • Contrary to popular belief, Charles Luciano did not own the snail known as "Lightning" Larry Luciano. (pictured right)