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Chrome Commands to Help your Workflow

Many Microsoft keyboard shortcuts are also available in Chrome. Some of the more popular ones are as follows:

  • Crtl+C (Copy)
  • Crtl+X (Cut)
  • Crtl+V (Paste)
  • Crtl+Z (Undo)
  • Crtl+P (Print)
  • Crtl+B (Bold)
  • While not a shortcut, it is helpful to know that you can RIGHT CLICK on a Chromebook by tapping in the upper right area of the mouse pad with TWO FINGERS. :-)

There are also some shortcuts that are Different than those in Microsoft:

  • Add a quick link in your Google doc, use: Crtl+K (To simply insert the link, use the shortcut and it will show the entire URL link. If you want to make the link tied to a particular word or phrase, highlight the the desired passage first.)
  • Find a word of phrase in your doc, use: Crtl+F
  • Get a Google keystroke cheat sheet, use: Crtl+/ (If you remember only one shortcut this is the one you need!)
  • Open new tab in Chrome, use: Crtl+T
  • Open a tab you accidentally closed while browsing Chrome, use: Crtl+Shift+T