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August 2014

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July Recap

July was not an easy month for any of us. It was a slow month for all. I hope you used the time to spend with your family. What did you do over the summer? I moved into a new house, went to convention, & we are taking a family vacation to DisneyWorld on the 18th! I loved seeing so many of you at convention! July was actually the lowest month that we have had so far this calendar year but don't let that discourage you the way I look at it is we will never have another month like that again. July 2013 was about 1/3 of what it was this year & It's only going to get bigger, stronger, faster, harder! We are going to the top! We haven't reached our potential & the possibilities are still endless! Origami Owl is barely 2.5 yrs old. In July we did $35,724.10 & we added 14 new designers to Team UNBelievable!

Top PV


Christina Burrell

Kelly Reyna

Erin Vieman

Melissa Countryman

Lisa Renteria

Jaclyn McKay

Kristin Smith

Kelli Bollman

Heather Moore

Belinda Perez

Isenia Sayles

Tori Horton

Branda Reinford

Kellye Elam

Juanita Walraven

Melissa Lloyd

Pamela Peoples

Frances Rumpf


Rebecca Figueroa

Jean Knopf

Cheryl Castelli


Heather Hockett 1402.9PV

Jodi Ellis 1557.40PV

Sharon Horton 1771.80PV

Top 3 Recruiters

Cheryl Castelli - 2 new designers

Rhonda Chapman - 2 new designers

Rebecca Figueroa - 3 new designers



Erin Vieman

Kyle Horton

Rhonda Chapman

Pamela Peoples

Rebecca Figueroa

Whooooooooo will win July's Incentive?!?!

Names to be entered into drawing are ......

Heather Hockett
Jodi Ellis
Sharon Horton
Cheryl Castelli
Rhonda Chapman
Rebecca Figueroa

The prize will be from the O2 store at Convention!!!

Winner of June's Incentive

Kellye Elam!!!!!!!!!

(I am soooooo sorry I have not announced this sooner or mailed it, between moving & convention I have been so behind! I will get it mailed very soon)

August Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you Owlmazing Designers! Happy Birthday to you!

Kendall Layne

Kelly Mitchell

Buffie Edwards

Melody Holland

Aly Holter

Paula Downing

M. Stella Chamness

Erin Pricer

Sarah Ross

Stephanie Day

Jessica Ross

Shaelynn Greer

Donna Schuster

Bridgett Aguirre

Lindsey Harris

Diana Pearson

Angela Bartley

Amber Dollar

Jennifer Eaglen

Kimberly Howard

tamara butts

Marsha Cedillo

Mary Ann Davidson

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Convention Recap

Please join Deb Drozd, Regional Manager from the Nest and Krista Saysanam, O2 Director and this year's recipient of the Heart of O2 award, for a fun and information filled evening! We will be doing a recap of convention and telling you how to get your fall season rocking and rolling for the upcoming months leading to the holidays. Want to have a debt free Christmas? Or learn how to get as many points as you can to qualify for the incentive trip to Maui? Or maybe you are a Designer that is looking for some guidance and training? Then this is for you!! A Jewelry Bar will be set up with a sampling of the newest items that Origami Owl has to offer with its new fall. Register today if you have not already

You may have called in and heard it live, but if not and want to listen- It's our Direct to Corporate leader Tami Butcher along with Sr. director Beth Blemaster talking about what's coming up for fall, new product, company news, recap of the info from convention, incentive trip to Maui, O2 offering affordable health insurance and tips to build your business this fall. Very good and informative call and is about 50 min long. 605-475-4099 Access code 186491 and press # to listen.

I have much more to share from convention. Be on the lookout for a convention recap newsletter soon. :)

Webinar TONIGHT!!!!

730pm cst, 830pm est, 530pm mst tune in to this link where they will reveal the Grand Prize, First Prize and Second Prize winners will be drawn live from the pool of the Designers who earned entries fromn the July Shopping Spree Incentive.

We will also get a sneak peek at the new Fall Collection and a live performance by the one and only Bella! What a webinar it’s gonna be!

Looking for a fun way to get organized?

Mail it Monday
Team Tuesday
Work it Wednesday (personal business)
Thank you Thursday
Follow up Friday (follow up with those you mailed things to the previous Monday. Just a "hey ____, how are you? Just wanted to make sure you received your take out menu & get your thoughts on it!"

As always I love being your mentor & helping you achieve your dreams! Please let me know if I can help you in any way! xoxo