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Urgent Message to Clean-up Niger Delta

Host: Hideko (from Japan) and Ibukun (in Nigeria)

Global Eco Talk Show

Wednesday, Jan. 15th, 5pm

This is an online event.

From the ruins of living a life as a battered Japanese woman in Nigeria, Hideko Nagashima is now a global advocate for women's environmental rights. Her co-host is Ibukun Onitiju, a Nigerian-based advocate committed to restoring lives and the land. He is also a Project Manager with degrees in Civil Engineering and Business Management.

Regarded as one of the worlds richest oil zones, the Niger-Delta of Nigeria has an acute rate of poverty and despair associated with women and girls. Cleaning up the environment is a priority for cleaning up the lives of thousands who live there.

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About Hideko

Project Director/Speaker/Writer and runs NGO called Support Women and Children in Nigeria (SWACIN), in Japan and U.S. Her NGO web site is located at




Google Plus:

She survived domestic violence for years and rescued by many poor Nigerian women in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. When she came back alive, no longer had she taken her life for granted. When these women who gave her food, water, a mobile phone, clothes, accommodation, and all other necessities plus empowerment out of limited resources, she realized that the value of life aggregates at the point of her loss. She never felt this thrill for life when she had it all contentedly. Since then, her mind was set to rescue the poor women and children in the regions. Lack of employment, opportunity, education made men angry, aggressive and abusive in the region. Women and children are handy victims. Superstitions and witchcraft limit their activities. As soon as she returned to Japan she began building her NGO, Support Women and Children in Nigeria (SWACIN). Several Japanese and Nigerians came along to join the membership. Her passion met with many challenges: Japanese government did not allow NGO to go to Niger Delta in Nigeria for years. SWACIN did not receive fund from the government—except for memberships. She asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to let her NGO to go to Niger Delta. The Ministry approved equipment delivery with a condition to be flexible. The road is still rough. Now she opened New York office to look for cleaning professionals and fund.

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About Ibukun

bukun is Project Manager with Degrees in Civil Engineering with Business Management from University of Birmingham UK. He has experience in 5 industries across 3 continents in multicultural environments. He is currently running an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability while working in the Oil and Gas Industry.

He is an author and runs a personal blog at 2013 was a high year for Ibukun as he got married to his heartthrob and his blog was nominated for Best Faith and Best Personal Blog at the Nigerian Blog Awards

Favourite quote: Your Destiny is a function of how well you can use your mind and mouth. His information can be found at


Twitter: @ionitiju & @mindandmouth




About the Crisis

Shell in the Niger Delta
Oil for Water: Niger Delta (2008)

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