The Crusades

By Jared Tejeda and Cole Nichols

EQ: Are Religous wars ever truly won?

Brief Description Of the beginning of the crusades

The Crusades were military expeditions by the European Christians to regain the Holy Land of Palestine from the Muslims. It Started when emperor Alexius I from the Byzantine empire asked Pope Urban II fom the Europeans to help them against the Seljuk Turks who were Muslims. Pope thought it was a great idea because it was their chance to liberate Jerusalem and regain the Holy Land Palestine which were both under Muslim territory.
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The Crusades - Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15

Early Crusades

The first crusades were made up of bands of warriors mostly from France. The army was able to capture Antioch in 1098 and Jerusalem in 1099. However by 1140 the Muslims had begun to strike back. In 1187, the holy city of Jerusalem fell to Muslim forces under Saladin. To try and take back the holy city the Europeans organized a Third crusade but that turned out to be a total failure.
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Later Crusades

Six years after Saladin died in 1193, Pope Innocent III initiated the fourth crusade. The Crusaders took the city Constantinople of the Byzantine empire in 1204. But the city was later recaptured in 1261. The Byzantine empire became weak and weaker as time went on and by 1453 the Ottoman Turks conquered it. There were many crusades that continued but all failed. Other countries too tried to form crusades but none were real success. In the end all stayed the same Christians were still Christians and Muslims were still Muslims.
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EQ: Are Religous Wars ever truly won?

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CTQ:Did the Crusades have any effect on the disputes between European Christians and Muslims?

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