Perseverance is the way to go

Ethan Nelson

Begining of Kobe

Cause and Effect

Kobe has always worked very hard to be the best. In 1998 he was drafted 13th overall by the Lakers. 17th overall isnt great but it is the first round. But he needed to prove he belonged in the league. He worked very hard his first season. He had to persevere through all the adversity he was going through with traveling on a plane or bus every night and not getting along with his teammates. It all payed off and he is now an all time great.

Problem and Solution

Kobe played with Shaq for a few seasons and won 3 championships together but the two men had a feud. The Lakers were forced to trade one of them. They went with Shaq so they could build there team around Kobe the young rising star. The idea worked. They won 2 more championships with Kobe. Kobe has had some injuries in the last few years that have had him not playing for a long time. This season he tore his achillies and cant play till late next year.


Kobe wanted to be better than Micheal Jordan. He thought he could but nobody else did. Even at a young age Kobe wanted to prove he was better than Micheal. They faced off for the first time in the 1998 allstar game. Kobe was the youngest player ever to play in the event at 19 years of age. The two men guarded eachother as tough as they would if it was the NBA Finals. Kobe played well but Micheal's team came on top, winning 135-114. Kobe finished with a good 18 points, leading his team. Even though Kobe played great, Micheal won MVP of the game having 23 points and 8 assists. Micheal played better than Kobe on that night in a cold windy New York City, but this would not be the only time the two legends meet. Micheal was getting old and Kobe needed to take advantage of Jordan wearing down.


In 1998 Kobe was drafted by the LA Lakers. As a rookie he won the dunk contest and became a fan favorite. He won the NBA Finals 3 times in a row from 1999-2002. In 2008-2010 he won the finals back to back. He also won the MVP in 2008. Since 2013 he has had bad injuries and he is thinking about retirement in the near future. In his carrier has had a lot of triumph and success, but it all started with putting the work in and when he failed, he picked himself back up and went even harder.