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December 2020

Important Payroll Information!

It's good news! Because a pay date falls on January 1, 2021 this year, you will receive the funds in your account on December 31, 2020. Otherwise, you would have had to wait until January 4, 2021 to access this deposit. This means that you will receive 3 pays in December 2020 and 2 pays in January 2021.

2021 Healthcare Savings Account IRS Limits

The IRS has increased the annual HSA contribution limit for the total of employer + employee contributions. Here are the new limits:

Self-only: $3,600
Family: $7,200

The HSA catch-up contribution (age 55 or older) remains at $1,000 annually.

Want to change how much you are contributing to your HSA? Go on Frontline Central Forms and complete the form titled "HSA ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION / PRE-TAX SALARY REDUCTION ELECTION FORM - 2021."

Did you know?

Avon Grove has a DEI Newsletter! This month's issue discusses the "The December Dilemma" and provides some helpful tips for educating students on the cultural significance of holidays. Click on the box below to read this newsletter.

2021 403(b) Limits

The annual elective deferral limit for 403(b) plan employee contributions is unchanged at $19,500 in 2021. Employees age 50 or older may contribute up to an additional $6,500 for a total of $26,000. Need more details? Click on the plan document below. Want to change your deferral amounts? Click on the box below for a form that you'll need to complete with your investment advisor.

Health and Wellness Information

Our benefits broker has provided us with some interesting wellness resources this month. The Live Well Work Well Newsletter discusses how to celebrate the holidays safely during the pandemic. There is also information on healthy sugar substitutes and a recipe for spicy baked squash.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you for what you are doing each and every day to help our students. Although this winter break will be different for us, please take some time to rest and recharge. We are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020 and welcoming the new year!

Need Assistance?

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