X AP Biology 2015-2016

Norcross High School


Welcome to AP Biology! You have already shown your determination to excel just by signing up for this course! Because this is a college level lab-based course, it will require much more of your time and energy than a regular class. You will often be responsible for several assignments at the same time. For example, there will be daily reading assignments, labs to write up, scientific articles to read and summarize essays to write, and major exams. I know you are up for the challenge, and the great thing is…we have two semesters to learn about the exciting concepts in AP Biology!

Aim High – Keep Everything in Perspective – Don’t Stress – and Always Be Prepared!

Notes from Dr. Bohannon


Grades have been posted. I will continue to grade Thursday and Friday well, so grades may go up a bit, but zeros have been entered for unattempted assignments. Those assignments due Jan. 30 can still be completed for partial credit by Feb. 6.