No.1 Maps

What are maps..

Maps are bird eye view on a peace of paper.That help us find are way, they can be helpful to orther for example treasure maps, adventure maps, city maps and mine maps.

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Treasure maps..

Treasure maps are make belive by pirates that leaf treasure behide. some chilren belive in pirates and want to be a pirate but a treasure isn't really about the gold its the adventure that makes a good map.
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City maps..

City maps are used for to travel to different places or country, maybe in the future we won't have to use paper or iphone, ipad and G.P.S.

Choropleth maps...

Choropleth maps are to check HI or LOW tempature or GDP densiy their all different kinds of choropleth maps.
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A Compass is to guide you to NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST to any places of the world. It was used in the midde 19 Centrey some people steal uses compass in London.

Jobs for maps...

When you have a job its important to use a map when you do are digging through a mine, flighting in a plane, or delivery things around the the world on foot or in a car.