Three Days Grace

by Aurora Poppino

About the band

Three Days Grace are a Canadian rock band who formed in Norwood, Ontario in Canada and are based in Toronto. There are currently four members of the band.


Three Days Grace is famous in the music world because their songs have attracted various record labels. The band members met in high school but broke up in 1995. They soon came back together and formed in 1997. Three Days Grace's band name used to be called Groundswell but then formed as a trio. They had a previous lead singer named Adam Gontier, but he got kicked from the band because he developed an addiction. They now have a new lead singer named Matt Walst, the brother of Brad Walst. Their current band members are Brad Walst (bassist), Neil Sanderson (drummer and backing vocalist), Barry Stock (lead guitarist), and Matt Walst (lead singer).

Musical Accomplishments

All of the members of Three Days Grace are from Canada. Their song "I Hate Everything About You" attracted the record labels of the band. Once it did, they signed to Jive Records for being sought by the company's president. Their songs have been successful ever since.

Meaning of their songs

Their song "Animal I Have Become" means to get angry and loose control over yourself, "Pain" is about how you'd rather feel pain than nothing at all, "I Hate Everything About You" is a song about a love and hate relationship, and "Riot" is about yourself feeling alone and you feel like you want to start a riot.

Current lives

The band members are still alive and are still in Canada. They're probably going to make a new song soon, we just don't know until it comes out.

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