ETHOS January '13 Prof. Development

GCS 1:1 iPad Program

Guiding Questions

Most of the decisions we made about our 1:1 program were filtered through the prism of these guiding questions.

1. Does it enhance learning?

2. Does it enhance the interaction between teacher and student?

3. Does it teach students to use technology effectively and redemptively?

Get Your Teachers Tech Ready

Before you begin a 1:1 program, you need to assess your faculty's tech readiness. At GCS, we created our own online technology proficiency course. This course, affectionately know to us as Mr. Bowtie, covered some of the following topics: basic troubleshooting, file and printer management, word processing, Google calendar and presentation, web literacy, and copyright.

If you are interested in more information about our course, please email me.

Another resource you could use to get your teachers more Internet savy is Alan November's Web Literacy for Educators.

Web Literacy for Educators (book)

November Learning's Information Literacy Resources (web site)

The Case

I can't say enough good things about the iPad case we are using at Grace. The evidence speaks for itself. In one semester, we have had no cracked screens. This case is durable and worth the money.

Higher Ground

Wireless Projection

There are several options for wireless projection. Here are three to consider.

1. Apple TV -- Click Here

2. AirServer -- Click Here

3. Reflector -- Click Here

Tony Vincent explains and compares 5 ways to project an iPad screen in his blog. Click Here

Favorite Apps

1. Dropbox is the cornerstone app for our program. We auto sync our note taking app and camera roll to Dropbox. Because we don't support printing from the iPad, students put documents in Dropbox, then print from a computer at home or at school.

2, Notability is the note taking app we use. It allows students to hand write notes, type notes, and record audio. It can be set up to auto syn directly into Dropbox. It has been a fabulous tool for students who struggle with organization. For more information on Notability, click here.

3. The most exciting app we use is an app and a web site. It's eBackpack. While going paperless was not one of our main goals, it is an unintended benefit. eBackpack's latest update makes it the perfect digital tool for both teachers and students. Teachers can put handouts in eBackpack, then students can open those handouts and annotate on them, and turn them back in to the teacher without ever having touched a piece of paper. The most exciting part of eBackpack is that now teachers can open up student's homework in eBackpack and annotate or grade right in eBackpack and return the graded assignment back to the student without EVER leaving the app! If you want to see it in action click here.

Additional Resources

iPadpalooza @ Austin Westlake June 18-19, 2013 -- Click Here

Great resource for finding apps --

Thorough list of things to consider when beginning a 1:1 program -- Click Here

Twitter -- #ipaded and #edapps