how have you changed

by:michael navarrete sanchez

heart to heart

since I've been alive my heart has beaten 604 million times

space age

if i was living on mercury i would be 66 years old.

till my next birthday on mercury it will be 69 earth days

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trip of a life time

i have traveled 20,945,231,833 km from voyager 1 probe.

i have traveled 15,325,782,000 km from the sun.

i have traveled 127,714,869,000 km through the milky way

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how has the world changed

there have been 81 major eruption

there has been 37 solar eclipses

the population has increased by 1,273,306,867

since you been alive

the tectonic plates have moved 2.40m since i was born

14 squat lobster were found since i been alive

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how have we changed the world

the sea level has rise 5 centimeter today

i am the same age as putrajaya

there are 110 more coffee cups per person

marine fish caught today is 80.8

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