This Week in Room 105

May 16-20

Wax Museum UPDATE!

As we know, our Wax Museum project was originally due May 20th...Unfortunately, our field trip is the same day. So, the paper is still going to be due May 20th, however, the presentations will May 23rd (Monday) so it does not interfere with our field trip! Please, stay aware for more updates!!

Detroit Zoo Field Trip

As a reminder, we have our Field trip this Friday at the Detroit Zoo. For all the parents that signed up as chaperons, you were all accepted. We have 9 parents going with us - thank you for the help :)


We begin our M-Step testing this week, Tuesday May 17th in the afternoon. This test is very important, make sure your child is getting a healthy well-balanced breakfast and lunch. Remind them to do their best and not to stress out :)