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Most known deserts are usually hot dry, and cold. Approximatley one-fifth (20%) of the total surface area of planet is coverd by deserts. The Sahara desert is arabic for "The great desert" and the 3rd largest desert after Antarctica and the Artic . The sahara is 3.6 millon square miles. The Sahara desert is the hottest desert. This desert is 2.5 million years old.

Geography of the Sahara

Most of the major cities located in the Sahara include Cairo, Egypt; Tripoli, Libya,Nouakchott,Tamanrasset, Ouargla, Bechar, Hassi Messaoud, Ghardaia, and El Oued in Algeria. Timbuktu in Mali; Agadez in Niger, and Faya-Largeau located in Chad. the entire land area of the U.S can fit inside of it.

Weather and Enviornment

The annual temprature ranges is 86F to 122F. The higest temretaure ever reached there is 136F. The Sahara desert is really dry. During the night it gets extremely cold because there are no clouds. Its also gets windy. They also get sand storms.

From Atlanta to Northern Africa and Transportation there in the Sahara desert.

You go to Hartsfield Jackson airport and by ticket to chad. Once you get to chad you go north on a transportation bus or train. there you will feel the dry desert. If you want to go in closer o the Sahara there are to transportation ways: camel, walking and bus.

Animals of the Sahara

In the Sahara desert you can find this mammals:

Sahara Cheetah


Dorcas Gazelle

Dama deer

Nubian wild

Anubis baboon

Spotted Hyena

Fennec fox

You can also find this birds:


Desert eagle

Barn owl

Brown necked ravens.

You can also find reptiles under rocks like:



Horned vipers

and Cobras.

Foods in Northern Africa.

Tagine National dish of Morocco.

Saffron and raisin couscous National dish of Algeria.

Ful medames National dish of Algeria.

Cuscus Bil-Bosla national dish of Libya.

What to wear and bring and vaccines

You should bring light shirts. Brg something to cover your eyes from the sand storm. Bring light shorts that are comfortable. A hat so that the sun does not hit your forehead and get sun burned. Also bring sunglasses. Bring Sun screen for the day. For the night bring a sweater some pants. Bring comfortable shoes you can walk with ( Not heavy Shoes). Bring a first aid kit. bring the necessary things like shampoo, deodorant ,tooth brush etc..


You would need your Routine vaccines these are for measles, mump, rubella, tetanus, and yearly flu shot. All travelers must get the shot against hepatitis-A and for typhoid because you can get them in this country.