Food Chemist

By: Elvis Castaneda :)


  • School needed? - yes, a bachelor’s degree in Food Science.
  • Cost of education? - Average cost: $33,402
  • Specific license or certification? - Yes, Master Flavorist Certification
  • Is there transferable to other states? - Yes.
  • Internship required? - Apprentice membership in Society of Flavor Chemist

Job Info

  • Where are jobs in this field? - University Research, education, product development
  • Projected job growth in this field? - Current number of people in profession: 10,790; expected to increase 14%-19%
  • Can this lead to other chem jobs? - Yes, agricultural chemist, animal chemist, & nutritional chemist
  • Chances of promotion & requirements? - Getting a promotion is up to the chemist. chemists are promoted based on experience, training, and responsibility.
  • Required to move around the country? - yes , usually take place in a lab, which is a kitchen that completes with blenders, ovens and other kitchenware.

Job Salary, Hours, benifits

  • Average starting and median salary? - Entry average is from $28,750 - $41,667. Average salary is $53,634
  • Any benefits of job? - Long term and short term disability. Profit sharing plan. Life insurance. 401K retirement plan with immediate employee participation. Tuition reimbursement.
  • Average retirement? - Chemist will start to think of retirement hitting the age 60.
  • Raise expectation? - About once a year.
  • Weekly hours of job? - 40 hours a week
  • Travel required? - Yes

Pros & Cons

PROS: Try out new things, work straight from home, and it is two subjects combined to make one career.

CONS: Salary is not at its best, it can be risky, and the outlooks and prospects are not high.

Typical Day

  • Development conferences paid for employee? - No
  • Possible to work from home? - Yes
  • Things to do in a typical day - cooking, look at the chemistry that goes into preparing foods, experiment w/ chemicals and substances proportions or combine new substances to optimize flavor or nutrition value.
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