Miles Gamsjaeger

Conformity, family, and success values of the post WWII era.

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In this picture, family values are shown. Values such as having many kids, affording a luxurious car, and being able to keep a smile on your kids faces are demonstrated.
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In this picture, the conformity is shown. Because everyone is wearing slightly different clothes, it is most likely that there is not a dress code. However, each person is almost identical to the person next to them. The males have short cropped hair, and wear suits, ties, buttoned down shirts, and pocket squares. The females have long dresses, sweaters, and blazers, shirts, and similiar haircuts. This shows that everyone to be part of a higher class.
In this ad, many values of success are shown. For one to be successful, you have to be wealthy enough to afford the nicest clothes, have the funds and the time to play a nice leisurely game of golf, and have a wife.