Quarter 4 Week 6

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Fitness adventure

Fitness Adventure

Oh, the places you'll go!

Hello, and welcome to the final unit in your virtual P.E. course. You've come a long way from stretching, and learned a quite a bit about aerobic and anaerobic exercise, weight lifting, and individual and team sports of the traditional and alternative variety, and why all of these activities work to keep your body in a healthy, functioning form.

Since it's your last unit, we'll step it up a bit and provide you with some real fitness adventures — or, at the very least, some information to get you excited about them. Here you will learn all about outdoor activities, ranging from the fairly tame to moderately exhilarating to adrenaline-pumping extremes.

You don't have to be a thrill-seeker to love the outdoors, as you will learn here. But if you are, we have some thrills in store for you. Of course, we will focus on the importance of safety above all else, because any adventure can be ruined without the proper precautions. We will also teach you how to be aware of and respect the environment. Finally, we'll wrap up the unit, and the course, with some tips on how to continue your athleticism once life after P.E. starts.

What are you waiting for? It's time to get your adventure on

Fitness adventure questions

Assignment # 1

1. Of what you learned so far in the class, what do you think has been the most important and why so ?

2. What are fitness adventures ?

3. If you're a thrill seeker, what things would you do to insure proper safety precautions ?

4. If your out on a fitness adventure, why is respect for the environment important ?

5. Have you participated in a fitness adventure ? If so, which one ?

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Outdoor fitness fun

Outdoor Fitness Fun

The scenery wouldn't be the same on a treadmill.

The phrase "outdoor sports" may conjure images of wilderness bushwhacking, hang gliding, and hours on or in the water, but you don't have to be a nature lover or a thrill seeker to find fun and fitness outdoors. There are plenty of enjoyable ways to spend time outside to get a good workout without leaving the comforts of the city, the suburbs, or the security of solid ground.

Exercising outside can open up a workout — not to mention your lungs — in ways that indoor exercise cannot. Deep breathing in fresh air helps blow both the indoor pollution out of your lungs and the cobwebs out of your brain. And despite the real risks of overexposure to sunlight, UV rays provide vital doses of Vitamin D, which is necessary for healthy nerves and bones.

There is a wide variety of outdoor sports that range from sedate to thrilling, from safe to dangerous. You will learn about several of them here, but remember, when it comes to outdoor sports, the sky is literally the limit

Outdoor Fitness questions

Assignment # 2

1. What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "outdoor sports" ?

2. What activities could qualify other that thrill seeker type sports ?

3. Why deep breath outdoor ?

4. Explain the value of UV rays

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key terms

Assignment # 3




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Explore the outdoors

Explore the Outdoors: Land

It's still an adventure even if your feet are firmly planted — well, somewhat firmly planted.

To some people, keeping one's feet safely on the ground is an important requisite for any outdoor adventure. Luckily, there are a myriad of outdoor options that do not call for any extreme action on the participant's part. And, for those who are more adventuresome, there are plenty of options that step up the adrenaline factor as well.

You will now explore several land-based outdoor options. Some of them you are undoubtedly familiar with, while others may be new. As you read the following pages, keep in mind how you might incorporate one or more of these into your own fitness plan

Explore the outdoor questions

Assignment # 4

1. list at least 3 activities that you think qualifies as "exploring the outdoors"

2. list 3 that would step up your "adrenaline"

3. Choose one activity and write a brief

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Explore the Outdoors: Water

What lies beneath the surface? Take the plunge to find out.

Since two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water, it's not surprising that so many water sports exist for our participatory pleasure. Water sports can be very basic, such as swimming, and they can also be quite complex, such as trick skiing and scuba diving. They can involve little or no gear, or extensive (and expensive!) equipment. Really, there is a water sport to match just about every personality and preference.

Take some time to explore the great, watery realm that the sporting world has to offer. As you learn more about each activity, think about what you might be able to incorporate into your own fitness plan, or what you might like to try some day just for the fun of it

water questions

Assignment # 5

1. Why do you think water sports are so pleasurable ?

2. List 3 types of water sports that you would be interested in trying

3. Which water sport have you enjoyed the most in your life ... why ?

4. List 3 water sports that you have no interested in experiencing ... why ?