Gator Gazette

Learning and Growing Together

Tweeting in the New Year

Considering all of the opportunities that I have had to make New Year's Resolutions I haven't made many but I do have one this year. It is really more of a goal. My Gator Goal for the new year is to be your biggest cheerleader. My plan is to Tweet about each grade level each day (that I am in the building). I have been told this is lofty but it has to be done. Amazing things are happening at this campus every day and the world needs to know it. This means you will see more of me and my iPhone. If you have something you want the world to see text me (817-845-6497) and tell me to get to your room. Today I got a text that said, "picture time!" I loved it! Please make sure you are following us on Twitter @GHESGators. The grade level hashtags are as follows; #babygators, #fabulous1st, #super2nd, #3rdgradethinkers, #fantastic4th, #5thgraderocks. Invite your parents to follow those hashtags for regular updates. All pictures will also have the hashtag #greatgators. Telling everyone means you have multiple accountability partners so you are free to call me out if I am slacking. Distractions will be my only obstacle. It's certainly not a difficult task to find great instruction happening on this campus everyday.

Istation Training Videos

Istation has many recorded webinars that can be very useful to teachers that are wanting to know more about using the tools and resources that Istation has to offer. Here's how:

1.) Log onto

2.) Once logged in, click on the button in the mid center of the page entitled “View Training Videos”

3.) Once in this section, you will see a series of green circles- choose the one to the far right entitled “Recorded Webinars”

4.) Here you will find several archived webinars from this school year that I hope are helpful!

Student Voice Pilot Project

Dr. Newell has gathered a group of teachers that see the value of student voice and would like to continue to learn and collaborate around this concept. As one of our Superintendent's goals for the year it is gaining momentum and the teachers that have already participated in this initiative have experienced success. Because of this Dr. Newell has offered to open up the pilot program to anyone who is interested in joining. If you would like to be a part of this project there will be an informational meeting on January 14th at the PDEC Mustang Room from 4:15-5:15.

Come and Get It!

Our next Come and Get It! session is called Math Resources and Pie. It will feature Melanie Gonzales and Rebecca Drummond and homemade pie. It will be held in the Conference Room on January 25 during your planning time. Come hungry for pie and knowledge, ready to pick their brains. They have promised to be ready for your questions.