Kaimu Beach: Before & After

By: Keayla Wade

Before The Eruption

Kaimu Beach was once a small town located in the Puna District of Hawaii until it was destroyed by an eruptive lava flow. Many surfers and tourists would travel to Kaimu Beach to view the high and beautiful black sand Kaimu Beach was known for. From a parking lot near Kaimu Beach, there you could enjoy the sight of the fine black sand.

After The Eruption

An eruptive flow of lava has destroyed and buried the town of Kaimu which was most famous for its black sand. There are cooled lava under the roads and houses built on top of the lava. There is also the New Beach, black sand like the old, where locals and caring visitors are helping to restore what was lost by bringing sprouted coconuts and planting them. Today there are visitors who come to plant coconuts on the beach to help restore what was once Kaimu Town.
Kalapana Black Sand Beach after Eruption