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February 25, 2022


  • Our week of celebrating Montessori Education and showing appreciation for all the parts of our Montessori community has been so uplifting! We hope that everyone shares those good feelings with others who may be looking for a school like ours. Families continue to seek out a safe in-person environment, a caring community, and an excellent academic program for their children. Invite them to check us out! Enjoy the photos below from our Montessori Education Week celebrations, including today’s Visit-Up Day for rising students.

  • Per the 2/22/22 updated SC DHEC guidance, MSA will be suspending Covid-related protocols effective March 1, including temperature screening, masking, Test-to-Stay, and quarantine. Please refer to the email communication sent earlier today for more information about the recent recommendations. While the health and safety of our MSA community remain a priority, these changes will bring a bit of sunshine to our spirits!

  • We look forward to Primary’s parade on Wed., Mar. 2 in honor of Dr. Seuss Day. We get to see some of our favorite characters from the books that we love so much - The Cat in the Hat, Thing One & Thing Two, The Grinch, Sam I Am, and many more! Reading opens the door to our world… and beyond! This weekend is a great time to read a favorite Dr. Seuss book with your child or maybe one that you bought at our recent Scholastic Book Fair!

  • March 11 is an early dismissal day for teacher professional development. All programs will be closed after dismissal with no extended care available. See Dates to Remember for more details.

  • Spring Break week is March 14-18. Holiday Extended Care will be available for I/T and PR only.

  • March 21-25 is Parent/Teacher conference week. Monday, Mar. 21 is a student holiday for infants through upper elementary. Extended care only will be available for infants, toddlers, and primary.

Here comes the sun,

Dr. Dana Hill

Dates to Remember

March 1-31 - National Nutrition Month

March 2 - Primary's Dr. Seuss Day celebration

March 11 - Early dismissal for professional development -- no extended care available, see times below

March 14-18 - Spring Break

March 21 - Student holiday for infant-upper elementary, extended care only available infant-primary

March 21-25 - Spring Conferences

March 11 Dismissal

Montessori School of Anderson will be closing early on Friday, March 11 for professional development. Dismissal times for the levels will be:

  • I/T, PR and LE - 11:00
  • UE, MS and HS - 11:30

Montessori Education Week

Students and staff enjoyed celebrating Maria Montessori's birthday week with Montessori Education Week. Everyone was encouraged to wear 2's or twin with a friend on Twosday (2/22/22), to celebrate MSA by wearing MSA attire or blue and white on Wednesday, to celebrate our teachers by wearing yellow on Thursday, and to celebrate our students by wearing Green on Friday.
The Primary One classroom celebrated the week by combining two of their passions: nature and reading.
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Big picture

Visit Up Day

Rising students across campus were excited to participate in visit up day this Friday! Some photos of the students exploring their upcoming classrooms can be viewed below.
The Primary Risers partook in a scavenger hunt in Lower Elementary in which they searched the classroom for familiar works that they're used to from their current classrooms.
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Rising Lower Elementary students visited the Upper Elementary classroom and participated in the 2019 Fluor Engineering Challenge activity, which involved using simple classroom materials to create a device that could launch a ball over a net back and forth like a volleyball game.
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The rising Upper Elementary students drew self portraits and described the portraits in Spanish during Señora Wickiser's Middle School Spanish class and also played charades and telephone to practice their conversational Spanish and vocabulary. They also played a fun game where they had to find their match with nouns taped to their back with another student's matched pair, i.e., "peanut butter" and "jelly," "salt" and "pepper," or "macaroni" and "cheese," without knowing their own object by asking each other only yes-or-no questions.
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Stitching Brachiosauruses

These Primary students stitched brachiosauruses in Mrs. Ponder's fibers class Friday. Stitching big dinosaurs takes lots of concentration!

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