The Lake Sector Times

The Execution

Day Escapes

Day get put into prison because he was thought to have killed Metias. Day went to get medicine for his family because they have the plague. So, he disguised himself as one of the military people in order to not get got by the Republican army. As he heads to the restroom, he steals someone's ID badge. Then he climbs into an air vent and sneaks up to the third floor where the vaccine is held. Day breaks into the room, but the army immediately begins holding their guns on him, so he grabs a doctor and holds a knife to his throat. He grabs some medicine, but no vaccine is available. Then he lets the guy go and runs out of the room. The army immediately begins shooting at him. After Day reaches the hallway, he sticks a knife in the wall and swings up to a window and jumps. As he's running, Metias comes at him and holds a gun on him. Day takes his knife and throws it at Metias' shoulder. He escapes through the sewage pipes. Later, Metias is found dead with a knife in his heart.

Day escapes to the poor sector, and meets up with Tess, his friend who lives with him on the streets. After Day met up with Tess, they went to the Skiz fights in order to make easy money by betting on Kaede a friend they have known for a long time. At the Skiz fight, June and Kade end up fighting. June broke Kaede's arm which started a mob, so Day went in and saved June from the mob.

Now that June and Day are together, they start becoming friends. However, June is out there trying to catch Day for killing Metias. At this time, June does not know that this boy she is getting closer to is Day. When she finds out, she reports his location to Commander Jameson. Commander Jameson takes a group to Day's house to capture him. In order to lure Day in, they take his mom and kill her on the street. Day came out of hiding and they took him and his brothers in to the military grounds.

The guards tortured Day. They would give him a cup of water and one portion of food a day. The water was not very good. It would either be really hot water or disgusting water.

When it became execution day, Day is getting ready to be taken out to the firing squad and June is under suspicion of helping Day and the Patriots. So, Thomas takes her down to the basement and interrogates her about a missing electro-bomb. While they are down there, the bomb goes off and turns off all the guns for two minutes. She runs back up to get Day and finds him and John in the hallway fighting the guards. As June approaches, she realizes they won't have enough time to get out and John realizes it at the last minute. John takes the blindfold from Day and puts it on himself. Then he pretends to be Day during the execution, so June and Day can escape through the back doors. Day successfully gets out of the military prison.

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