Kevin Warwick

Cyborg scientist, Implant self-experimenter

From the start

February 9, 1954. That was the day that Cyborg scientist, Kevin Warwick, was born. Kevin Warwick was born in Coventry in the United Kingdom. As a child, Warwick attended Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby, Warwickshire. Around 1970 when he was 16 years old, he left school to join the British Telecom. Warwick attended Aston university for his first degree. Later on, he earned a PhD and accepted a job at a research post at Imperial College London. He is now very successful in his field of science.


Currently at age 64, Kevin Warwick managed to become a cyborg scientist, and an implant self-experimenter. He has won six awards, the Mountbatten Medal in 2008, the Future of Health Technology Award 2004, Institution of Electrical Engineers achievement Medal also in 2004, Marcellin Champagnat award in 2009, and Ellison-Cliffe Medal in 2009. Warwick has also published several books, and articles. He also created a lot of robotics, devices, and many more.