The Robber Bridegroom

Explaining the story


The maiden looked up, and saw that the voice came from a bird, which was hanging in a cage on the wall. Again it cried, turn back, turn back, young maiden dear, 'tis a murderer's house you enter here


This fairy-tale is a good example of karma. If you do something that is crude and mean it is always going to come back and get its revenge.


In a heavily wooded area is an old abonded house with empty rooms and a cellar with a hogshead and a pot. Outside the area is mill with a daughter and a father.


Old Lady- very kind and willing to help anybody

Father- man who is greedy and looking for a rich man to marry her daughter

Daughter- young girl learning many things in life

Killer- creepy man who loves to eat human flesh


There is a man who has a beautiful daughter. The miller is looking for a very rich man who is willing to marry his daughter. The daughter one day is out away from the mill and i told to go check out this old abandoned house. She goes into the house and goes down into the cellar to find an old woman who tell her to hid behind an hogshead because the man who lives hear kills women and eats them. As she is hiding behind the head the man comes home with a girl kills her and then starts to cut her up and and put it in a pot. The old women then puts sleeping stuff in the men's drinks. The women then helps the girl escape and return to the mill. Once they returned the turned the man in and he was later executed.