The Midwest

Region of North America--Profile of Michigan and Indiana

History of the Breadbasket of America

10,000 B.C--American Indians arrive in what we call now the Midwest.

1673--Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet explore the Midwest and Mississippi river.

1787--Northwest Ordinance was established to permit settlement .

1803--Louisiana Purchase causes the Midwest to be in control of the U.S.

1808-1812--Tecumseh make an Indian Confederation to unite against the white people settling there.

1837--John Deere creates the steel plow which is perfect for Midwestern farming.

1872--Montgomery Ward creates the first catalog for mail orders.

1890--The Union Stockyards in Chicago slaughter nine million in that year, naming Chicago as the "hog-butcher of the world."

1908--Henry Ford produces first Modal T automobile, changing transportation and production in great strides.

1973--Sears tower is built and becomes the largest building in the world for over two decades.

Midwest Info

Industries/Agriculture--Farming (specifically corn, soybeans, hay, dairy farming, cows), manufacturing, and lumber.

Famous People--Henry Ford, Thomas Edison

Culture--During the Civil War, the Midwest is considered the North.

Attractions--Mount Rushmore (South Dakota), Mackinac Island (Michigan), Cedar Point (Ohio)

Characteristics--Mostly flat, with rich soil, though it does have some hills.


The Mitten/Great Lakes State

Slogan--Pure Michigan

Flag--Two elks and an eagle. On the blue field is the state's coat of arms. There are three phrases in latin on the flag


Largest City--Detroit

Area--96,716 mi squared

Population--9.91 million

Residents Name--Michigander

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Motto--Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice

Motto Meaning--If you seek a pleasant Peninsula look about you

Song--Michigan, My Michigan by Winifred Lee Brent Lyster

Bird--American Robin

Flower--Apple Blossom

Tree--Eastern white pine


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The Hoosier State

Slogan--Crossroads of America

Flag--Has a blue background with yellow symbols. There is a torch in the middle with rays extending outwards. There are 19 stars organized around the flag


Largest City--Indianapolis

Area--36,418 miles squared

Population--6.597 Million

Residents Names--Hoosier

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Motto--The Crossroads of America

Song--On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away by Terre Haute



Tree--Tulip Poplar


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