3rd grade

What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of information. Basically, you take information and turn it into a picture that tells a story.

Why Use Infographics?

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What is this Infographic telling you?

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How do you create an Infographic?

Step 1 - What is your Story?

Think about what you are trying to say. What story do you want to tell. What information do you want your reader to walk away knowing.

Step Two - What Kind of Infographic would best display your information?

  1. Statistical -- numbers and graphs
  2. Timeline -- shows information over time
  3. Process -- flow chart of how something works
  4. Informational -- summarizes a topic
  5. Geographical -- displays data with a location map
  6. Compare/Contrast -- illustrates similarities and differences
  7. Research based -- like the statistical but based on research
  8. Word cloud -- shows association between words
  9. Hierarchical -- chart with levels

What are these infographics telling you?

Step 3 -- Get the information you need for your story

Decide on the information you need and arrange it in a way that tells a story. Drawing out a template helps you organize your thoughts.
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Step 4 -- Create your Infographic

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