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What's happening in Room 6?


We just finished our study of comparative endings -er and -est. Our new spelling pattern will be the long a pattern ai and ay. Our next spelling test will be on Thursday, April 14th.

We are continuing to work on our fluency with our weekly story Where Are My Animal Friends? We will hopefully invite another classroom to see our performances. Our comprehension strategy for this week is drawing conclusions.


We are finishing up our 6th unit this week. We practiced our facts using name collection boxes, fact triangle, number stories, and function machines. We also reviewed time and measurement with a few fun activities. Our math test will be on Tuesday, April 12th. I will send home a review sheet on Monday for homework.


We finished our Balance and Motion unit with a bang!! Our rollercoasters were A-mazing! Check out some of our designs. We even made one as big as our classroom!

PSSA Testing

As first graders, we (luckily) do not have to participate in PSSA testing. We can, however, support our third through fifth grade brother, sisters and/or friends! Next week, we will have color days to show our support for those students who are taking PSSAs. I will put notes on the homework sheet so you know the color schedule for our school. :)

Mrs. Kristin Otto

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