William Penn

by Abby Bergquist



The person who started Pennsylvania William Penn, born in London, United Kingdom. What I will be talking about first is how William Penn met Thomas Loe and became a Quaker. What I will be talking about next is how William founded Pennsylvania, and how Pennsylvania was named after him. Finally the last tying thing that I will be talking about is how William was persicuted, and how he got beatings from his father. Lastly William is an important person and had a life well lived.

Becomes a Quaker

First, it all began when William was 13 he met a man named Thomas Loe he changed his life. He became a Quaker. He preached and wrote poems. Penn lived in England and didn't have religious rights but William wanted to switch that around so that they could have freedom. So William persuaded king Charles II to let them set up a colony in America to have freedom. Soon that colony became the state of Pennsylvania. William had his first religious experience at the age of 11 or 12. When William went to college at university of Oxford when he rejected atheism he got expelled from school.

Founder of Pennsylvania

Founder of Pennsylvania William Penn he was the one who changed the world and brought us to freedom.

The founder of Pennsylvania William Penn. Charles II owed Williams father an unpaid debt of $80,000. In 1680 Williams father asked the king to repay him with wilderness land in America. In 1681 a charter was granted giving Williams father the territory west of the Delaware river between New York and Maryland. The kings council also added Williams father to the suggested name of Sylvania making Pennsylvania. William was a hero he founded Pennsylvania.


First of all, even though William was an amazing person he got taunted all the time. William was imprisoned 4 times, but he says that through all of that he had faith and courage to stand up for what was right. William also got beatings by his own father for preaching and writing poems about his religious beliefs. When William was imprisoned he was accused of denying the trinity. People were saying that William had wanted to create a bad reputation for Quakers. William also went to prison for writing a poem called No Cross, No Crown. William was an life impacting man, but he also did get taunted and laughed at, but he pushed through it.


Pennsylvania: A state.

Taunted: A sarcastic challenge or insult.

Quaker: A member of the religious society of friends.


Lastly, William was an amazing man of freedom and courage. He changed our world. First, William was a cool man he became a Quaker at the age of 10 or 11. Next, William was the founder of Pennsylvania it was named after him. Then, even though William was a life changing person he still had hard times to go through. Finally, Williams courage and faith gave us freedom to believe in what we think is true.


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