Story of my life

Where I am from

I used to live in Ireland, but I left. The Emerald Isle was a pretty place. I don’t know why I left. Oh wait, I do know. No one likes my jokes.

What I planted

The garden here adds color to the street. I live near it. I decide to plant potatoes because it reminds me of the Potato Famine. Potatoes are really cool.

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Curtis was one of my best students in gym. I’m glad he is doing something other than working out or impressing girls. When he and I talked, he said the tomatoes belonged to his ex girlfriend. Oh well, I can’t blame him for that.

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What I do

I crack jokes often. I just can’t help the fact I am funny. Someone said they nearly died laughing once. I assumed he was kidding, but I cracked another joke and he was still laughing on the ride to the hospital.

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The Joke

The garden was kind of quiet once. I got board and said something funny. Everybody started laughing. Three guys doubled over, a woman laughed so hard she fainted and fell face first into her flower bed, and a Jamaican lady then said something that set off a chain reaction. Everybody had a joke to tell. I’d bet Mother Nature was laughing, too. Who said Jamaican Ladies and Irish men were not funny?! Give me a resume and 3 good references. And the internet does not count.

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