To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

By: Katie Dykeman

The Issue At Hand

In many states parents are opting out of vaccinations. The main cause of this are the cases in which the child is made sick because of the vaccine. Other reasons are caused by religious beliefs. Some think that parents should be able to choose not to have their child vaccinated. Others believe it should be mandatory for kids to have all their vaccinations, especially to be able to attend a school. The debate goes on as people decide if parents should have the choice to not vaccinate their kids.

Risking The Publics Health

Parents should not be able to opt children out of receiving vaccinations. I think this because children that don't receive vaccinations are a public health risk. It is not fair for the children and adults inside and outside of the school community to be put at a risk of their health because of a parent opting out of a vaccination. It's also not fair to put the child at a risk of health. The child who's parent opted them out of a vaccinations are being put at risk of getting sick.

Reasons Why Vaccines Need to be Mandatory

- Most people who died of measles in 2013 were children 5 and under from not receiving a vaccination
- In 2000 measles was virtually eliminated from the US, about a month into 2015 an outbreak of 70 cases of measles emerged at Disneyland- parents of those infected say they were anti-vaccine
-In 2014 644 people caught a virus which is three times the amount since 2000 most stated that they had not been vaccinated
- More than 13,000 parents nationwide say that they did not have their kids vaccinated fro measles
- The California Health Department has found about 8,000 cases of whooping cough those with the virus were almost all infants because of the low rate of vaccinations
- About 600 kids in Maine are not vaccinated which resulted in Maine's highest rate of whooping cough cases in children

Why Parents Are Opting Out

- After a parent had one infant vaccinated the child fell ill from the vaccine which caused the parent to not vaccinate the rest of their kids
- Some children rather than being immunized from a virus are caused to have medical problems that were caused by the vaccine
- Vaccines were tested on children and adults, the vaccine caused the children to become very ill
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