Techie Tuesday

Engaging Wilson Students!


Do your students look bored? No energy? Not participating? Then it is a brain break time! Get them up out of their seat for a few minutes to wake them up and get those brain waves moving again! I have always been a fan of brain breaks, and now GoNoodle puts all those brain breaks in safe place where youtube commercials don't pop up. There is fun stuff for kinder up to 5th grade. I like the stretches for younger ones, the Youtube and koo koo kangaroo for all ages, and I like the airtime for before a test. I didn't do them everyday, but I could tell when my students were in need of energizing.

Make sure you make it even more fun by doing it with them!

Go Noodle
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Food for Thought

Edmodo Snapshot Grades 3-5 Really Cool!!! Check out!!

Edmodo's new TEKS Snapshot gives grades 3-5 premade questions that you can choose by objective to assign to kids. The video shows common core, but your choice will be TEKS. All the objectives are not there yet, but will be soon. It is super cool! Go use it =)
Edmodo Snapshot Feature