Economics Update July 5, 2016

Ms. Stassie

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Upcoming Assignment

Parents and guardians,
Your son or daughter will soon be asking to interview you. No, he/she is not trying to get you to do his/her homework. They have an assignment which requires your help.


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Personal Finance Economics

  • Creditworthiness (02:35)
  • Investment: Risk v. Reward (01:44)
  • Role of Banks (01:43)
  • Inflation: Pros and Cons (03:17)
  • Progressive Tax (01:43)
  • Skills for Success (01:41)
  • Interest: Different Types (02:08)
  • Proportional Taxes (01:21)
  • Types of Insurance (01:27)
  • Investing in Education (01:27)
  • Regressive Tax (02:06)
  • Using Credit (01:56)

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