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Week of March 10, 2015

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This week (as told by the Oak Room Kindergartners)...

We went to Will's mom's work. Pascale's husband came. We had music in the morning. Most of the teachers were at VTS so Lorna wasn't here. We painted when it was Music. We had a long rest time.

We had project time and outdoor recess. People came in. Carmen's dad and uncle came in to play a game and Georgia's mom came in. We did the play!

We had a second outdoor recess. We did a story of peas and carrots We came up with choices for Spirit Week. Some people cooked French toast with Chris.

We made designs for building. We got to the class quickly and beat the Maples after recess. We did peas and carrots in math but got a new number--12.

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This week in literacy (and things to do at home)

In Reading Workshop we started a new unit. This unit emphasizes the importance of learning from our books. It starts with getting readers to look closely and ask questions to notice everything, to really learn from our books. This week we practiced running our fingers across each page, to really try to notice more and more. We also used phrases to get us thinking about those details, such as "I wonder why...", "How does...", and "What is this?" Oaks can think about these questions as they read at home too. At the end of the week we learned how to be reporters, reporting to our partners all the interesting facts we learn from our books.

In Word Study we introduced a new vowel--E--and three new word families: -et, -en, and -eg.

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At home play a really fun and easy game called Quick Erase to help your child with the letter sounds we have learned. This game is also great to build reading and writing skills.

Materials: Whiteboard and dry erase marker is best; but paper, pencil, and eraser work too!

How to play: Start by writing a three letter word, such as mat. Have your child say each letter sound slowly then put the word together. They can also "tap it out" on their fingers while doing this. "m--a--t. Mat!" Then, change either the first, middle, or last letter so that the word becomes a different word and repeat! "p--a--t. Pat!" "p--o--t. Pot!" "p--o--d. Pod!" Remember, only change one letter at a time.

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This week in math (and things to do at home)

This week in math we revisited decomposing numbers--breaking them into parts. The Oaks were presented with a story problem: "There are 5 vegetables on the plate. There are some peas and some carrots. What are all the different combinations of peas and carrots?" The Oaks used unifix cubes to help them come up with different combinations of 5. Then the children were presented with similar questions, except this time with 10 vegetables and then 12 vegetables on the plate.

Some students used the strategy of "flipping" to make sure they had all the possible combinations. For example, 2 peas and 3 carrots "flipped" is 3 peas and 2 carrots. Please continue to emphasize this work at home! Real life examples at the dinner table are a great way for children to practice and learn.

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This week in Project Time

We visited WIll's mom's (Megan's) job! The Oaks had a blast getting to see behind the scenes of a TV show. They took turns getting a chance to be on camera! Some Oaks are really excited about their future as a person on TV.

We started our sharing of family cultural traditions! Georgia's mom, Lucy, shared their tradition of playing Uno, and Carmen's dad, Ben, shared their family tradition of creating stories together using characters from different stories and movies! Pascale's husband, Chris, shared their tradition of making french toast on the weekends and Pascale shared their tradition of reading together before bed.

We still have a LOT of spots available. If you are unavailable consider asking a relative, such as a grandparent or aunt/uncle. We would love to have everyone's family participate. Please click the link to sign up:


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Field trip to Johanna's Job on Friday

Who: Johanna Bauman is a librarian and curator of the film and video collection at Pratt Institute

What: Tour of the Pratt Institute Library, including the film and video collection, a screening of short films, and discussion on film and projectors

Where: 200 Willoughby Ave

When: Friday, March 20th from 9:20-10:30 AM

Why: As part of the integrated unit on family our goal is for the children to get to know more about each other and each other's families. One thing the kids are curious about is what their grown ups and each other's grown ups do for a living! What better way to learn and research than through a hands-on, interactive trip?!

***We will be walking from the school to the library. Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear and outerwear!


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