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Featuring Richard Arkwright and the Steam boat

Richard Arkwright and the Water frame

Richard Arkwright, an inventor has created an amazing machine called the water frame.

Richard Arkwright invented this wonderful machine which could produce stronger and more threads at the same time which is lowering the cost of textiles. This machine was made in the comfort of home right in England for Richard. the water frame only needed flowing water for an efficient power source.

Merchants from far and wide are now building large textile mills or factories by rivers for the water frame to run. These merchants are now hiring people to attend or work in their mills on textile machines. People have added improvements to the machine to improve the textile producing faster with the spinning process. To add to that topic Britain was named the worlds most producing and productive textile and cloth industry in the entire world.

Richard Arkwright never attended school but his cousin Ellen taught him how to read and write and also some little basic stuff according to that. His first job was an apprentice barber and not only after his first wife had died he became an entrepreneur. After his second marriage to Margaret Biggins and with that came a little more income for his barbers business. Richard traveled around the world collecting hair in which he would take it back home and dye it with special dye he made and then he would take those hairs and make them into wigs for his barber shop.

Later on Arkwright's patents on certain machinery and mill working products were being questioned, which later followed court cases that challenged them and Arkwright's patents of copies of others work were revoked on the date 1785. Later on in the date August 3 1792 Richard died, with his death he has lived a wealthy man and will be known for his successes

The Revolutionary Steam Boat


A boat that can travel at fast speeds and can transport goods and people over water ways.

An inventor named Robert Fulton tested his first steamboat design in france, and then some years later he had come to the states and tested the very first commercial steamboat design and he had called it the clearmont. This steam boat had gone against the current of the Houdsen River without any trouble what so ever. This had shown that traveling and transporting had became easy and fast, which had made the intrests of farmers and travelers of many kinds.

With this the demand from people has grown for the steam boat and ferry servises. The steamboat can go up river without wind power which was a big improve ment into technology for many people. The steam boat could transport goods faster and with that it would make it cheaper, another reason for people to want more of these boats. Atleast 500 steam boats were being used around the date 1840, soon the steamboats were used to transport goods across and people through the atlantic ocean.

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Source: Holt McDougle, United States History